Request a mortgage statement

We need a few details about your mortgage account and when you’d like your statement to start and end.

We’ll use your details to check your identity and create your mortgage statement. Find out . If you’d like our policy in a different format, .


It can take up to 10 working days for your mortgage statement to arrive. We’ll post your documents to the correspondence address on your mortgage account.

Mortgage holder details

You must be named on the mortgage account or have power of attorney for someone who is. For limited companies, you must be named as a company director on the mortgage account.

You can find this 8 digit number on your mortgage statement or the original mortgage offer.

Contact details

Give us a mobile or landline number we can use to contact you. We’ll only call you if we need to confirm something about your request.

Statement dates

Start date
End date
If you choose the current month, your certificate will end on today’s date.